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AFC Mobile’s Brian Singler: Sergeant, Sheriff, Soccer Player

Forward Brian Singler was wearing a uniform long before he suited up to play for AFC Mobile.

Not only is Singler a deputy sheriff in Baldwin County, he is also a sergeant in the Army National Guard, a veteran of the War on Terror, and a military police officer.

This military has always been a part of Singler’s life. His father was a career Navy man and provided the inspiration for Singler to join the the armed forces, though he didn’t join the National Guard until he was 33.

“I’ve always had that desire,” Singler said. “It’s always been back there, a feeling of wanting to do it.”

Singler said that the most rewarding thing about being a part of the National Guard is being able to do something to serve more than just the Mobile Bay area and Alabama.

“I love this nation,” Singler said. “I went overseas in 2015 to 2016 and now I feel when people say ‘thank you for your service’ I can say ‘no problem’ or I can have something for them to be thankful for. Just to be able to serve this country is the most fulfilling to me.”

Soccer has been a part of Singler’s life as long as the military has. Both of his parents played, and he’s been playing since he was four years old. He moved to Baldwin County 20 years ago and takes pride in representing the Mobile area on the pitch.

“To represent this city, there’s no words that can express that. The team that we have, the brothers; we have a good bond. It’s almost like Christmas morning every time you put that jersey on.”

Balancing his day job as a deputy sheriff, his military duties, and his commitments to AFC Mobile has been a challenge, but Singler said he’s found the secret.

“Well, I have understanding bosses and an understanding wife as well,” he said. “They know how much I love this sport and how much of a part of my life it is and the passion I have for the sport.”

This Saturday, June 10th, AFC Mobile will be honoring the men and women in the armed forces by holding its first ever Military Appreciation Night. Kickoff against Biloxi City FC at the Archbishop Lipscomb Athletic Complex is at 7 p.m. All veterans and active duty personnel are admitted free with their military ID. As always, kids 12 and under are also admitted free. All other tickets are just $5.

AFC Mobile Season Preview: Biloxi City FC

Biloxi FCCLUB: Biloxi City FC
NICKNAME: Blackjacks
FALL RECORD: 6-2-4 (3rd place)

HISTORY:Founded in 2016, Biloxi City Futbol Club is the first team from Mississippi to compete in the Gulf Coast Premier League. From an outsider’s perspective, Biloxi City has improved the quality and enhanced the reputation of the GCPL from the outset. From their minimalist badge and their social media promotions and presence, Biloxi has always treated their brand and their club as big as bigger teams in bigger markets. And frankly it has paid off on and off the pitch with Biloxi City coming within one game of earning a Lamar Hunt US Open Cup qualification spot in their debut season.

BILOXI CITY FC PLAYER TO WATCH: Patrick Harrison, midfield

MANAGER: Sinisa Vukadin

WHAT BILOXI CITY FC SAYS ABOUT AFC MOBILE: “I expect [AFC Mobile] to do a great job in Mobile,” says Biloxi City FC coach Sinisa Vukadin. “I know [coach] Nate Nicholas and he will make a respectable squad. I’m glad that [AFC Mobile] joined the Gulf Coast Premier League.”

“We expect the unknown,” responds Biloxi City FC Vice President Luke Berry. “We had our inaugural season last year and surprised a few people managing to finish in the top half of the table (3rd) and one of our proudest moments came on the first day of the season when we drew against CD Motagua in New Orleans,” He continues, “The league has so many new teams this year that I don’t think anyone really knows what to expect. Mobile are more unknown than most because they are starting completely from scratch, much like we did, unlike Gaffa FC or Pensacola who have either youth setups or a squad already. We’ll be watching their early results with interest before our first ever meeting on June 10th. Good luck for the season -as long as you finish below us.”

BOTTOM LINE: Mississippi has always had fantastic soccer development. As a brand new club in its first year, Biloxi City competed for the GCPL title right down to the last match of the season. The Blackjacks’ summer team should be no different. There are a few Mobilians, including former Murphy High School standout Edin Hodovic, who will feature for Biloxi. Look for a tightly-played, high intensity match during both games of “The Forgotten Coast Cup” this summer.

HOME PITCH: Herbert Wilson Stadium, 3225 Hancock Ave, Gulfport, MS 39507

WEBSITE: http://www.biloxicityfutbolclub.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/biloxicityfc
FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/biloxicityfc
HASHTAGS: #BiloxiCityFC #OneCoast


  • June 10th at the Archbishop Lipscomb Athletic Complex
  • July 15th at Herbert Wilson Stadium


Why the LPL could be greater than the NPSL for AFC Mobile

mobile flag

When AFC Mobile was founded just under a year ago, we knew that we wanted to build a new team in Mobile. We had no intention on being another failed invention of a team that existed on the outskirts keeping certain parts of our community at bay. Beyond a team, we wanted to build a community of players, coaches, supporters, kids, adults, and more.

Our board spent a large amount of time discussing where Mobile would best fit into the skewed soccer map of the United States. I will not bore you with the insane details of how the soccer system in the US works, but the discussions we had were lengthy. Did we want to be a fully professional team? Did we want to be a fully youth team? What was the primary age of people we wanted to have? All of these things were examined, argued, and considered. When the dust settled it came down to two options: the National Premier Soccer League and the Louisiana Premier League.

The NPSL is the most “prestigious” of these leagues; it is also the most expensive. NPSL travel is, in many cases, prohibitively expensive. While looking at a team like the New Orleans Jesters, who would be our closest competitor and would play in the NPSL conference that we would play in, it became fairly clear that that is a path that would not work for what we wanted. The club would be faced with extreme travel, fatigue, and a quick, short season that would not benefit the players, the coaches, or the supporters who wished to travel. Indeed, as seen in the chart below, the travel would be the ultimate hurdle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 3.44.07 PM
Distances between NPSL Southeast teams if AFC Mobile were to join

Part of what we are building, or want to build, has to do not only with the play but also the game day experience. Coming down off the back of the first semi-competitive game in Mobile during my time here, I was more than excited about this possibility for AFC Mobile. The social media chattering with the Gulf Coast Armada and players and fans of Biloxi City FC was fun; however, at the game it was even better. Chanting and mildly disorganized chants from the GCA and back and forth with Biloxi City FC was part of the atmosphere. It was never vile, or evil, or hurtful on either half, it was fun. Post game, we even talked with some of the Biloxi players who gave everyone a good ribbing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 3.46.22 PM

If you play in NPSL, you get to do that with New Orleans. However, if you do it in the LPL, you get to do it for nearly every game. Maybe not everyone travels to every game. Maybe you can’t get up to Shreveport and maybe their fans can’t make it back to Mobile, but there will be mutual respect/disdain on the fan’s half. The travel is far less for players and supporters, which makes for more competitive games and better conditioning for players. Additionally, the LPL season is longer. The league already goes to Mississippi and there are plans of further growing that league to reach as far East as Tallahassee, Panama City Beach, Dothan, AL, and Pensacola. This is really kind of perfect.

The Gulf Coast soccer experience is growing. The level of players that competed at Sage in the friendly between a local Mobile team (Legion FC) and the closest LPL team to Mobile (Biloxi City FC) was impressive. The fact that Biloxi was actually missing some of their regular first teamers let’s you know that they are going to be a team to deal with in the upcoming LPL season. This is also true of Mobile. Legion FC represented Mobile well, but there are more players. There are players on other SASA teams. There are players who play in local adult leagues in Daphne, Fairhope, and even Foley.

And sure, the National Premier Soccer League has a level “prestige” to it, but the teams there also fail and fold at an alarming rate due to incredibly high costs of ownership and travel. In regards to the travel, Mobile would be in an awful location (see the aforementioned chart).

But why does the prestige of a league matter anyway? It should be about the prestige of the team. The community inside and surrounding the team is what should matter. And with no option to progress through promotion and relegation, a team should be more concerned with itself than its league.

Potential LPL map with AFC Mobile included

However, the LPL is following along the path of the Premier League of America, and in just a short time they are pushing themselves into that exceptional, elite category that the NPSL has garnered. The winner of the PLA even earns a berth in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, which is the largest and oldest soccer tournament in the country featuring teams from MLS, the NASL, the USL, the PDL, the NPSL, and more.

The LPL is growing. In fact, they too have a berth in the US Open Cup. Imagine a team from Mobile playing a game with Kaká or Clint Dempsey, or Michael Bradley, or Frank Lampard at Ladd-Peebles. Unlikely? Maybe. Impossible? No.

Additionally, the LPL is a far better fit travel-wise and eventually, maybe even quickly, it will become a prestigious league if enough clubs and communities can prove that they are exceptional

Mobile is. AFC Mobile will be. The LPL will be too.

AFC Mobile is going to be a team that represents the region, and after much thought and consideration of the different variables, we hope to represent it in the LPL.



AFC Mobile announces Legion FC and Biloxi City FC friendly

summer mobile unit legion

Mobile, Alabama — Biloxi City FC, the newest member of the Louisiana Premier League, will be traveling to Mobile, Alabama to play the South Alabama Soccer Association Division One champions Legion FC in the first part of a two-legged friendly series.

The game will be played 9 July 2016 at Herndon (Sage Avenue) Park (2900 Dauphin Street) in Mobile. The start time is 4:00 CST with a pre-game tailgate hosted by AFC Mobile beginning in the Sage parking lot at 3:00 CST. The game will be free to all those interested in attending. There are currently plans for a family friendly post-game party as well – details to follow.

About AFC Mobile: AFC Mobile is a Mobile-based organization dedicated to bring a soccer team to the Port City. AFC Mobile has working with the South Alabama Soccer Association to further promote soccer culture in Mobile, Alabama.