Faisal Alenezi thanks the Causeway Rebellion

USLD3 turns eyes to Mobile

Could the United Soccer League’s new Division 3 have eyes for Sweet Lunacy’s County Seat?

On August 8th, it was announced that Birmingham’s amateur soccer team, the Birmingham Hammers, would join forces in 2019 with the United Soccer League’s newly announced professional soccer team in the Magic City. With the news of the Hammers’ assent up the soccer pyramid and in light of the overwhelming local support AFC Mobile received in its debut season, Alabama’s soccer community’s eyes have shifted toward Mobile.

Denson White of American Outlaws’ Mobile chapter, Keath Kaufmann of the Causeway Rebellion Supporters’ Group, and AFC Mobile board member Michael Lynch all took the opportunity to talk to Aaron Cranford of USLD3 about the successes of AO: Mobile, the Causeway Rebellion, and the fantastic first-year support experienced by AFC Mobile. The full interview is available here on USLD3’s website.

With all the recent economic and cultural developments in Mobile, it has been an exciting time in the Port City. The soccer scene has been growing immensely, too. So what do you think? Could Mobile potentially support a professional soccer team?