[Job] AFC Mobile Academy Director

AFC Mobile seeks an Academy Director to work alongside Director of Coaching Richard Moodie in leading the day-to-day operations of the AFC Mobile Academy. The AFC Mobile Academy, the youth development arm of the club’s National Premier Soccer League team, seeks to bring high-level and affordable youth soccer that produces the next generation of players, coaches and supporters to grow the game in the Mobile area.

Email cover letter and resume to academy@afcmobile.net

Overview of Responsibilities

The Academy Director is a senior leader of the AFC Mobile Academy and reports to the AFC Mobile Board. The position is responsible for Development of the Club’s technical direction. Key aspect to the role is the development and implementation of the Club’s Technical Development Plan. Being an active participant in the attraction, retention and development of coaches and raising our profile in Mobile, Alabama.

The Academy Director is accountable for the Club’s day-to-day management of soccer development activities for players, as well as coaching development, all in alignment with Long Term Player Development (LTPD) principles.

The key aspect of the role is the development and implementation of the Club’s Technical Development Plan. This includes the management of the Club’s overall technical budget and the direction of the Club’s technical staff with consideration given to member needs and the long- term sustainability of the organization. 

Working conditions

The Academy Director position is a part-time position with varying hours. Working specifically in the evening and on weekends is to be expected. It is expected that the Academy Director attends 2-4 games for each team in order to give feedback to coaches on their development and implementation of the club-wide model. The Academy Director should attend all league games provided that these games are held in one location.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Technical Leadership
    • Development and implementation of the Academy’s Strategic Plan in conjunction with the values of AFC Mobile, to establish critical priorities and objectives to guide the Academy’s long-term future;
    • Development and documentation of a common framework for coaches to follow.
    • Provide a repository of age appropriate skills, drills, and games for coach’s to leverage
    • Oversee the design and delivery of coaching manuals and documentation for Academy coaches (including online resources consisting of e-books, articles, drills, links, a coach feedback tool and other coaching materials).
  2. Coaching Development
    • With the Director of Coaching, develop, document and execute coach training sessions throughout the year
    • Be available for coaches to seek council on working on issues and challenges
  3. Player Development
    • Provide recommendations for players to participate in Competitive placement camps
  4. Coaching
    • Be an active participant in coaching our Fall and Spring Programs.

Position Summary

The Academy Director reports to the Academy Liaison and works closely with the CFO

  1. The Academy Director supervises:
    • Full-Time Coaching Personnel
    • Part-Time Coaching Personnel
    • Program Coordination Personnel for OPDL and Representative
  2. The Academy Director liaises with:
    • Academy Player and Parent community
    • Local and regional Soccer Associations
    • Local and regional Clubs
    • International clubs and organizations
    • Academy Liaison
  3. Strategic Priorities:
    • Growth and development of technical resources and programs for the AFC Mobile Academy community, including ensuring the organization is responsive to community requirements and professional in its delivery of soccer development services.


  1.  Technical Leadership
    • Support in the development and implementation of the Club Strategic Plan in conjunction with the Board of Directors, to establish critical priorities and objectives to guide the Club’s long term future;
    • Lead the translation of approved strategies and program concepts into operational initiatives in the area of soccer development and ensure these initiatives are accomplished;
    • Exemplify the True Sport governing principles of the Club, demonstrating integrity and setting ethical standards;
    • Act as the chief spokesperson for the club on club-level technical development matters, including external liaisons with governing bodies and leagues;
  1. Technical Program – Coaching Development
    • Recruit, develop, strengthen and oversee the management and performance of the Club’s complement of remunerated and volunteer coaching staff.
    • Directly manage the education and development of coaches through Coaching Development Programs. 
  1. Technical Programs – Player Development
    • Build on the Club’s existing development program base to create a full, best in class annual, periodized development program for the club’s top talent;Establish structured, program-wide quality management initiatives;
    • Oversee the technical leadership efforts of the Club Head Coaches to create gender equality in the player development streams within the Club;
    • Build partnerships with external technical service providers to create a fully integrated on-field and off-field Player Development Program;
    • Establish partnerships with university and professional soccer organizations to drive the progression of the club’s top soccer talent to a higher level;
    • Identify, through club coaches and technical staff, elite players in the club system and ensure that the leagues, districts, provincial and national bodies are aware of them. 
  1. Scheduling
    1. Tournament Teams
      • In coordination with Team Managers, Team Coaches, Academy Liaison, and Registrar create a tournament and/or league schedule for each tournament team.
      • In cooperation with the Registrar make sure paperwork and registration for tournaments and league matches are completed in a timely manner.
    2. Non-tournament teams
      • In coordination with Team Managers, Team Coaches, Academy Liaison, and Registrar create a friendly schedule for each non-tournament team.
      • Non-tournament teams may play in local church or recreation leagues.
      • Work in cooperation with other local clubs and Team Managers to find opponents for friendlies.
    3. Friendlies for both tournament and non-tournament teams
      • For friendlies, Academy Director will reach out to Academy Liasson, CFO, and Digital Director to reserve field time and referees at least 7 weekdays in advance of the scheduled date.
  1.  Budget Management
    • In cooperation with the CFO, establish and maintain a technical budget for coach remuneration and education (the registration pattern of the representative program varies each season depending on specific age cohorts making a specific budget dollar amount difficult to quantify until registration has been completed each cycle). 
  1. Human Resources
    • Motivate, guide and direct the Club Technical staff ;
    • Conduct an effective performance management system and ensure a clear accountability framework is in place to meet the needs of the Technical Department.
    • Enable a strong, positive morale among technical staff to ensure a high level of commitment to their jobs and tasks.
  1. Member Relations
    • Actively promote the technical vision and underlying philosophy outlined in the Club’s Technical Development Plan to the Club’s varied stakeholders, including non-technical people;
    • Maintain a strong customer-focused approach to working with the Club’s membership, ensuring effective communication with players, team coaches and other club stakeholders;
    • Oversee the development and continual improvement of the Club’s programs and services based on evaluations and membership input.
    • Hold monthly Team Manager Meeting in conjunction with the Club’s Academy Liaison and Registrar 
  1.  Reporting 
    • Establish the technical component of the Club’s annual Operational Plan, in coordination with the board of directors;
    • Oversee the collection of player assessment results and other technical data needed for evaluation of technical programs;
    • Contribute as part of the Club’s staff management team to meeting and reporting requirements of the Club’s Board of Directors.
  1.  Other 
    • Complete other (ad-hoc) tasks that would reasonably fall into the Academy Director portfolio, as directed by the AFC Mobile Board.